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About First Responder Institute

The mission of the First Responder Institute is to conduct evidence-based research based on job-task analyses (JTA) of first responder critical and arduous tasks in order to develop training, education, and assessment programs aimed at improving the physical and mental readiness, performance, safety, and survivability of first responders.

The First Responder Institute is constantly working to build coalitions of private and public sector organizations that will ensure FRI programs reflect the most advanced and appropriate contemporary learning environment and support systems for the nation's public safety personnel.

First responders in today's homeland security environment must increasingly prepare for coordinated response to terrorist attacks (i.e. 9/11, Boston Marathon), natural disasters (i.e. hurricanes Katrina, Sandy), and civil unrest (i.e. Ferguson, and Baltimore).

Our efforts at FRI benefit the professionals and volunteers of the Fire Service, Search and Rescue, CRBNE Response, EMS, Law Enforcement, and the Armed Forces to include the National Guard.

First Responder Institute proudly sponsors the following competitions:
Firefighter Combat Challenge


Military Battle Challenge World SWAT Challenge Good 2 Go Initiatives LEOPARD Challenge
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